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Tire Services

Tire Swap

A seasonal tire swap or tire rotation. Tires must be mounted on rims. Services start at $70.50 (plus tax) for a single vehicle. Luxury vehicles may cost extra,contact us for details.

Tire Swap & Balance

This package starts at $110.50 plus tax, includes tire swap and re balance for 1 vehicle (car, truck, van, SUV). Customer must provide tires on rims. Includes air pressure check, air fill as required a complimentary tire and rim inspection.

Full Tire Install

We will mount and balance or change your tires to different rims using Hunter tools. Services start at $140.50 (plus tax). TPMS reset and 19+ tire size will cost extra,contact us for details. 

Tire Quote

We will help you find the right tires for you. Let us do the shopping for you! We offer a 1 Year Roadside Protection on all tires we sell and install*. 

Tire repair

If you get a flat tire, we'll meet you and get it fixed.
We’ll make sure you get the results you’re after at an affordable price. Services starts at $80 (plus tax) and repair cost for Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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